In this blog, we tell you the story behind the scenes. Because the FULL MOON trail is first and foremost a story of men and women ... and even teenagers who each bring their talent, energy and know-how to our project. To begin with, let's take a look at the race logo! Do you like it? We love it. And for good reason...

Back in December 2020. The race project has taken shape in our minds: "it must be run at night for the coolness, we need the light of the moon, we will leave Aix at midnight and we will throw ourselves into the sea at the finish. It has to go up and down and we have to discover the harbour of Marseille at dawn". And when you follow the winding route of the GR2013® on the IGN maps, you quickly get the impression that it's going to be very pretty! Eric draws the first track of the route in ... 25 minutes😊

But when it came time to write a few slides to tell our project to the Sports Departments of the City of Marseille and the City of Aix, we lacked a logo that would represent the race in one image. We did a bit of brainwashing, a few tests but nothing really transcendent. Not everyone is creative...It's nothing to say 🙁

Full Moon trail bad example
Failure #1: The Broken Mountain
Full Moon Trail logo search
Failure #2: the cheese with the wolf

Child's play

And then I think of my little Emma who, at the age of 15, already has quite a stroke with a pencil, a brush and a graphic pencil: a real budding designer! I pitched the project to her and she was given carte blanche.

In two round trips, Emma gives us an artistic version and tells us about her drawing: "I made a round logo because the full moon is round! I put umbrella pines in the hills, like when you go to Sainte-Victoire. At the bottom I copied the skyline of Marseille with the Bonne-Mère at the top. And then I put lots of lights in the hill, because at night you'll have your headlights on and you'll be able to see them from a distance.

This artistic version will proudly stand on our first presentations of the project, and it is by far my favourite 😉.

The origin of the FULL MOON trail logo
The artistic version of the logo by Emma

Then we'll have to move on to a more usable version. Emma makes the logo's outline, which we send to Sophie, our favourite web designer from the A3 Graphisme Marseille agency. It's nothing to say that Sophie, the priestess of good taste, is impressed by Emma's arty version ^^ ! In turn, she only needed two test versions to tweak the pink and blue design (well, at first we were a bit reluctant...), select the fonts and set in stone the logo you now know.