The night of April 8 to 9, 2023 | 00h00

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Aix-Marseille night trail

A 1st edition that will remain engraved in our memories.

Like a birth announcement. "The little FULL MOON trail was born at 0h06 in Aix en Provence (13), on this Sunday, April 17, 2022. At birth, it already weighed 894 registrants and 180 volunteers. It is vigorous and even a little fiery. He is the joy of the trail family, because he was very much desired.

History will record:

  • the names of the winners of this FULL MOON Trail 2022 : Yohan PEISSON and Hannah DERKSEN on the Estello 70 kms course ; Noé PERROTIN and Chiara CASARI on the Phocéa 38 kms course
  • Ideal race conditions: a clear, slightly cool and windless night to enjoy this long Provencal transhumance. The majestic full moon accompanied the beam of the headlamps all night long in the hills
  • the title of the newspaper La Provence on this Easter Monday "a first edition that calls for others".

Suspense... For the moment, everyone is reliving "their" FULL MOON trail with its moments of emotion, all different, all unique. But experienced and shared together: runners, volunteers, spectators and companions. There were tears of joy and happiness on the faces at the finish in the Terrasses du Port in Marseille. Never the first, but so keen to do it again.

FULL MOON Trail Estello
FULL MOON Trail Phocéa



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