Aix-en-Provence to Mimet

First discovery of the Estello course of the Full Moon Trail organised by the FMT association under the guidance of our Thomas-Pigois-Expert sport coaching, and the two Erics in great shape to lead the troop of 53 participants:

On the programme for this reco outing:

  • A radiant winter sun (you can't do that again 😉 )
  • The first 20 kilometres of the race
  • 500D+
  • The Mayor of Gardanne, dressed as a runner, to welcome and accompany us
  • Passages still frozen
  • A variant unanimously approved, which follows the vallat of Saint-Pierre at the exit of Gardanne (the track has already been modified to adopt this pretty single-track path in the woods which follows and crosses the stream twice (for the more clumsy: bring gore-tex shoes!)
  • A breathtaking view of the Sainte-Victoire, and also of the Pilon du Roi which stands haaaaaaaut and loiiiiiiiiin front of the apprentice "fouleurs de moon" ...That's on the menu of the next episode!

Thomas, the super coach from gave a lot of useful tips and techniques to tackle the hills. Running? Walking? How to choose? How to optimise your performance without exhausting yourself?

At the finish in Mimet, we even did a test of the race refreshments: Jean-Jacques had brought out the Tuc, the Saint-Yorre, and even some Haribo sweets!

Reco 2 coming soon!

In short, you had to be there! Next session: RECO 2 FULL MOON TRAIL MIMET IN BOUC BEL AIR on Sunday 20 February! Registration on Facebook : FULL MOON Trail.