From Mimet to Bouc-Bel-Air: 25 kms and 770m D+.

Today it was the discovery of the 2nd part of the Estello course from Mimet, and which ended in Bouc-Bel-Air with a super ravito organised by the friends of Décathlon BBA. At the top!

On the programme: a little mistral "in the back", a clear sky and above all two beautiful climbs during this reco organised by the FMT association.

Shivers as you discover Marseille from the top of the Etoile

This morning, Thomas, the super coach of gave a lot of useful advice and techniques to tackle the descents with a bit of relaxation, and also to specifically manage the climb to the Grande Etoile. With 6 kilometres and +273m to go after already 30 kilometres on race day, some will hesitate between running and walking.

The rewards of the day: the passage under the Pilon du Roi, impressive. And above all, the appearance of Marseille and the Mediterranean when you reach the top of the Grande Etoile. Magical, and refreshing too with the mistral! We could see Mont Ventoux this morning and also the Sainte-Victoire, which will disappear when the riders will have tipped over to the other side of the Etoile on April 17th.

After 19 kilometres, bye bye the Estello track. We finished on the Phocéa course which we took in reverse. A bit of gardening for fun, and the 40 participants arrived happily at Décathlon BBA where Fanny and her team were waiting for us with a smile, sunshine and something to hydrate and eat. It was really fun!

Coaching session

Tanks as crossing points on the route

Reco 3 coming soon!

Next meeting: Sunday 13 March at 9am. We'll be leaving from Décathlon BBA, heading for Grand Littoral and the famous letters MARSEILLE to finish this 28 kilometre and 670m D+ ride. It's going up in speed 😊 !

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