In this blog, we tell you the story behind the scenes. Because the FULL MOON trail is first and foremost a story of men and women ... and even teenagers who each bring their talent, energy and know-how to our project. Today, let's talk about...taking the train to a sporting competition. The FULL MOON trail has decided to join the "Trail by Train Tour", or TTT. Wait, let me explain!

How are the PSG and Christophe GALTIER doing? Are we doing sand yachting at the UCPA?

Sometimes the news comes at the right time 😅. So, the same day Christophe and Kilian launched the "charàvoile-gate", we received an invitation to join a new club: the TTT. So, we take a close look at what it's all about, and I take advantage of a business trip to Brussels (by train, of course: the direct MRS - BXL takes 5 hours) to drink a Trappist beer and chat with Gilles Goetgebeur. Gilles is known as editor in chief of the magazines Sport & Vie and Zatopek. Gilles is also a race organizer in Belgium. A real enthusiast, fascinating!

TTT or Trail by Train European Tour

The TTT Tour is a calendar gathering European trail-running events that allow an optimal mix of 3 criteria, which the FULL MOON trail reaches 👊 👊 👊:

  • accessibility by train 👊 (eh yeah baby, welcome to gare Saint-Charles and to gare d'Aix-TGV : Paris is 3h away and Brussel is 5h away)
  • an attractive tourist interest (no need to sell the destination Provence, too easy)
  • quality courses for trailers (we do our best 😇)

In 2023, this TTT or European Trail-running Tour, using the train as transport, starts with at least 9 events in 4 different European countries. And this is only the beginning!

By integrating this label, we reaffirm with the eco-responsible charter, that our event must generate a carbon footprint as small as possible. Did you know that on average, 70% of the carbon footprint of an event comes from the transportation of participants?

That's why we are already organizing shuttles to the race departures. Including free incentive parking, in Marseille.

In fact, this adhesion will be concretized by our regular diffusion of the calendar of the races adhering to the label. Or how to continue to run far and travel, while integrating a more eco-responsible dimension!

Everyone does their part, as in the legend of the hummingbird

And as news always catches up with us, I'm writing this blog post on September 15, the day after Andy Symonds' decision not to represent England at the 2022 Trail World Championships in Thailand. He's already well over his carbon emissions quota for the year. He's our new favorite hummingbird 🥰 and since he's a neighbor, we'd love to see him hit the trails at FMT in 2023! Invitation extended 😊